Emotional Release & Rest for Men

Since our second video went viral globally, I’ve received literally hundreds of emails, messages and calls from men across the world who are hurting from not being able to say they are hurting. My BMe Community brother Odis Bellinger was accurate when he stated, “Men are in need of an emotional enema.” Yes we are warriors, but we are also human beings. To tell a man that crying is a sign of weakness, is to tell a man that he is not human and has no feelings. Unfortunately many are unaware that it’s been scientifically proven that unlike reflex tears that are 98% water, emotional tears also contain stress hormones which get exerted from the body through crying. One University of Michigan study reveal that men commit suicide at a higher rate than women, and in American 9 out of 10 supercentenarian (i.e. people who live pass 100 yrs) are women. So my brothers, until we release the lie that “real men don’t cry”, we will continue to see real men die. Please take time to watch this video of a workshop I facilitated entitled “Emotional Release & Rest for Men.” I pray it not only enlightens you but also encourages you. 

Shalom Aleichem,
Jason Wilson
The Cave of Adullam