Performing For A Fathers Love

This morning during his breakfast, I noticed my son trying to study for a speed spelling test after he discovered he scored low on a prior one. Although I despise multitasking, I encouraged him for his effort but told him to stop studying and eat. I noticed him again studying as we were getting ready to leave. That’s when it hit me! My son is performing for my love and affirmation. I walked up to him, masculinely embraced him and said, “Son, you do not have to perform for my love. If you failed every test, I would love you even more.” A tear rolled from his eye. I prayed over him as he embraced me. I refuse to let him go through life as I have; performing for family and people in hopes of receiving the love and affirmation that I never received from my father.

Shalom & Ahab,
Shärath Jason Wilson