Disciplined While Having Fun

Usually I would have a lesson prepared for each training, but when I walked into the building, and saw that the bouncy we rented for our summer camp was still there, this day became an impromptu Father and Son competition! What’s a blessing is that we not only had fun, but also I was able to talk to my students about the importance of being disciplined while having fun. I cannot count the number of people I know that have been shot, jailed or killed because they could not control themselves while having fun. Several times my students lost control during the competition, but instead of reprimanding them, I used each situation as a teachable moment and was able to tie everything together at the end of class.

I never thought I would teach a 6-8 year old group for the Cave of Adullam, but I am so thankful that I do. Please do not be naive. It’s not a coincidence that rarely, if at all, you’ll see African American male elementary school teachers/administrators, but yet a plethora of them will be in high schools or alternative learning facilities. In the words of Dr Jawanza Kunjufu, “If we do not reach our black boys before they are no longer cute to society, we will lose another generation to the industrial prison complex.” Click HD for better quality.

Shalom & Ahab
Shärath Jason Wilson